I. delegate del‧e‧gate 1 [ˈdelgt] noun [countable]
someone who has been elected or chosen to speak, vote, or take decisions for a group:

• Around 350 delegates attended the conference.

Delegates to the union's annual meeting are expected to endorse the plans.

  [m0] II. delegate del‧e‧gate 2 [ˈdelgeɪt] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] to give part of your power or work to someone else, usually someone in a lower position than you:

• A good manager knows when to delegate.

delegate something to somebody

• Decision-making on a day-to-day basis will be delegated to team managers.

2. [transitive] to choose someone to do a particular job, or to be a representative of a group:
delegate somebody to do something

• I've been delegated to organize the weekly meetings.

* * *

delegate UK US /ˈdelɪgət/ noun [C] MEETINGS
a person who is chosen or elected by a group to speak or vote for it, especially at a meeting: »

More than 1,000 delegates attended the three-day conference.


a delegate to a meeting/conference

delegate UK US /ˈdelɪgeɪt/ verb
[I or T] MANAGEMENT to give a particular job, duty, etc. to someone else so that they do it for you: »

He was always overburdened with too many trivial tasks because he found it impossible to delegate.

delegate authority/powers/responsibility »

The Board may delegate its authority to any duly appointed committee.

delegate sth to sb »

A manufacturer can delegate some or all of its overseas operations to an export house.

[T] MEETINGS to choose or elect someone to speak or vote for a group, especially at a meeting: delegate sb to do sth »

The company director, who prepared their submission, cannot be here and has delegated her deputy to present it for her.

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